Cade Ortego Gordon Ramsay Impressions MasterChef Junior
Cade, Evan and Henry are asked to do their best Gordon Ramsay impression​ Credit: MasterChef Junior​

“It’s Bah-sil, not Bay-sil”

MasterChef Junior released some clips of the Top 24 chefs testing out their best Gordon Ramsay impressions.

“Like mocking him?” Chef Mikey DiTomasso said when asked to impersonate the world famous chef.

“Since he has a British accent it makes him sound like some food beast that’s going to eat you up if you don’t have good food,” said 8-year-old Avery Kyle.

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I gave it a shot by saying “I’m afraid that you’re going to have to go home today.” Infamous words that none of us want to ever hear.

Watch the video below to hear the clip of our best Gordon Ramsay Impressions.

I’ve got to admit Olivia and Remy both do a proper British accent!

I mention in the video that I had some experience doing a British accent in a play before. Below, you can see clips of me from 2015 when I played Michael Banks from Mary Poppins at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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