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Hattiesburg Thunder outscored their opponents 25-5 in the Fall, 2017 season

Comparatively speaking, I live in a pretty small town. With such a small population, one might think it would be hard to fill a state championship soccer team.

But somehow, we caught lightning in a bottle here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. There are a bunch of incredibly talented soccer players born in 2005 in and around the “Hub City,” and I’m fortunate enough to call them my teammates.

Nothing is more rewarding than traveling to tournaments all around the Southeast and watching the other teams underestimate us.

“Where are you from?”  they say.

“Hattiesburg, Mississippi,”  I tell them.

“Where’s that?” is usually their next question.

We were state champions last season. This season we’re training hard to qualify for Nationals in Denver, Colorado.

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Wish us luck!

Here’s some video of me playing last fall.

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