Catch Cade How to Float in Photos Pics
Cade Ortego floats a couple of feet off the ground. Find out how below...

How to float in your photos

If you’re looking for a way to have your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account stand out, you may want to try taking a photograph of yourself where you float just above the surface. There are a few different ways to pull this off and achieving the incredible look may not be as tough as you think?

You just need a few items.

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  • Tripod
  • Stool
  • Photoshop (or a similar application)
  • Camera


Watch the video above for details, but remember if you’re going to Photoshop the stool, you’ll need two pics without adjusting the tripod. One pic will be your background, and the other pic will be of you laid out on the stool.

You’ll later erase the stool revealing your background photo below.

Happy floating!

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