Gordon Ramsay Cade Ortego Chicken Breast MasterChef Junior
Cade Ortego watches Gordon Ramsay prepare the perfect chicken breast

MasterChef Junior released eight new videos Wednesday afternoon to tease the Season 6 premiere episode Friday, March 2nd.

See if you can spot me!

The Judges Check In & Critique The Chicken Dishes

In this MasterChef video, Gordon Ramsay is trying a chicken breast I just prepared. You can’t imagine how nervous I was.

The Judges Discuss How Difficult The Chicken Challenge Is

One of the most difficult things about preparing a chicken breast in a cast iron pan is to make sure it has the proper color on the outside but is not overcooked on the inside.

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Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Cook A Perfect Chicken Breast

You may think you already know how to cook a perfect chicken breast, up until you watch Gordon Ramsay. He technique is perfect! It was such an honor to see this up close.

More on my preparation for MasterChef Junior here. 

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