MasterChef Junior Season 6 Cade Ortego
Cade Ortego has his food judged by Gordon Ramsay in MasterChef Junior, Season 6 by Photo Credit: Erica Parise

The following is an excerpt from the Hattiesburg American newspaper about my upcoming experience on MasterChef Junior…

When Lissa Ortego gets a grocery list from her 12-year-old son Cade, she usually can’t believe her eyes. The ingredients don’t look like something that would come from a pre-teen.

“When Cade sends you a shopping list for dinner, I just have to laugh and think, ‘Is this really a kid?'” she said. “He has a Southern comfort, Cajun flair.”

Cade’s shopping lists may be a bit advanced, but so are his cooking skills. The Oak Grove Middle School seventh-grader will make his television debut Friday night as one of 40 contestants on the new season of “MasterChef Junior.”

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“I always knew how to cook,” Cade said. “My dad’s side of the family are all great cooks.

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