Cade Ortego Mississippi Gordon Ramsay Masterchef Junior Ortega
Cade Ortego talks to Chef Gordon Ramsay. Credit: MasterChef Junior

The following is an excerpt from the Hub City Spokes Publication about Cade Ortego’s upcoming experience on MasterChef Junior…

Lissa Ortego almost had to eat her words. The Oak Grove mother of two knows that parents always say things to inspire their children.

“You can do anything you put your mind to; you’ve just got to try,” Ortego remembered telling her then-11-year-old Cade as he was growing up.

On one night, they happened to be watching “MasterChef” on TV. Cade, now a 12-year-old Oak Grove Middle Schooler, remembered that a commercial came on.

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“There was a commercial that said, ‘MasterChef Junior Tryouts’ in New Orleans on Sunday,” he said. “It had to be Friday when we saw it.”

Cade, who said he has been cooking “all his life,” decided to go for it. His mother agreed.

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