Catch Cade How to Float in Photos Pics

How to float in your pictures

How to float in your photos If you're looking for a way to have your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account stand out, you may want...
Cade Ortego Soccer, Masterchef Junior, Podcast

Video: Goalllllllll!!! Love My Soccer Team

Comparatively speaking, I live in a pretty small town. With such a small population, one might think it would be hard to fill a...
Cade Ortego Gordon Ramsay Impressions MasterChef Junior

Pint-sized chefs give best Gordon Ramsay impressions

"It's Bah-sil, not Bay-sil" MasterChef Junior released some clips of the Top 24 chefs testing out their best Gordon Ramsay impressions. "Like mocking him?" Chef Mikey...