Christina Tosi asks Cade about his Chicken and Waffles

In my comfort zone with Chicken and Waffles

Work with what you know The sweet and savory combination of Chicken and Waffles gave me an opportunity to work with familiar flavors on Week...
Cade Ortego Gordon Ramsay Impressions MasterChef Junior

Pint-sized chefs give best Gordon Ramsay impressions

"It's Bah-sil, not Bay-sil" MasterChef Junior released some clips of the Top 24 chefs testing out their best Gordon Ramsay impressions. "Like mocking him?" Chef Mikey...
Cade Ortego Mississippi Gordon Ramsay Masterchef Junior Ortega

Ortego Fans the Flames of Competition on Masterchef Junior

The following is an excerpt from the Hub City Spokes Publication about Cade Ortego's upcoming experience on MasterChef Junior… Lissa Ortego almost had to eat...