The Yodeling Boy Walmart

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The Yodeling Walmart Kid

Mason Ramsey, better known as the Yodeling Walmart Kid just introduced our generation to Hank Williams. And he’s dang good!

Want to take the Yodeling Kid Challenge?! Try some yodeling at your local Walmart and see how long it takes for an employee to ask you to leave. Send us a video of it, and we’ll share it!

Do you “show” Wallabies?

Over the past few weeks, a wallaby was on the loose in our home town. By why does one even own a wallaby?

Wallaby Hattiesburg Mississippi
Wallaby – Credit: Wikipedia

If you could meet anyone…

Thank you for all the responses to our Top 3 question this episode.

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be?

We had a lot of great responses, but Michael Jackson and Shawn Mendes appear to be leading the pack.

Next week’s question.

What’s your favorite song of all time?

The Feels: When’s it ok to snitch?

Is there a time you should rat on your friend? Or do snitch always get stitches.

Listen to Episode 09 to hear our opinion.

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